in Saint-Nazaire, SNVBA players are greeted by supporters on the field

They returned on Monday evening to Saint-Nazaire after their last third match against Saint-Quentin in Aisne. With a score of 3-1, the players of SNVBA (Saint-Nazaire Volleyball Atlantique) signed a third straight win, winning the cup in the first round of Ligue B and getting the final. their ticket for League A, volleyball champions you again.

“I’ll keep the cup at home all week!” Pepe Gonzales, captain © Radio Palani
Helen Roussel

“We gave everything for them and they won everything.”

The Saint-Nazaire team owes a lot to its supporters. There were perhaps thirty of them on the bridge of the field waiting for them this Monday evening. “We’re in Ligue A”, “Les Bleus, there are your fans”: they sing, shake hands with the players, there are patches on the back, elbows, and great smell. “7 years later, we’re back in Ligue A. We gave everything for them, and they won everything, we’re very happy”, release Daniel, support for 40 years. “We fell at the gates of the final two, it was the right time, we were very proud”, said Louison in her twenties. “support from an early age”.

After all the efforts and sacrifices, I could not dream of a better way to finish my coaching career. – Gilles Gosselin

On the players side, we see fatigue but also joy. “There’s a crowd, we get the pressure, we’re in debt, so it’s a big comfort.”, said Jean-Philippe Sol from the top of his 98th meter. A short distance away, Captain Pepe Gonzales, 38, bowed to the apotheosis. He clasped the cup, “I’ll keep it all week”maka olinolino. “It’s a great idea”. The coach will leave after 11 years at the head of the team. Not long ago, Gilles Gosselin began his career as general manager of the company: “Finishing with a title and returning to League A, after all the sacrifices and efforts, I can’t dream of a better gift for us, and for our supporters.”.

Gilles Gosselin, SNVBA coach from Saint-Quentin, in front of the Saint-Nazaire stadium
Gilles Gosselin, SNVBA coach from Saint-Quentin, in front of the Saint-Nazaire stadium © Radio Palani
Helen Roussel

The party will take place this Tuesday at 6:30 pm in front of the town of Saint-Nazaire

Fans are called this Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in front of the Town Hall of Saint-Nazaire. The players are received by Mayor David Samzun and then have to lift the box on the first few steps.

A great feast was to be held Wednesday evening at Coubertin Stadiumfor subscribers only and therefore for sale.

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