Golden State set the record straight against Boston

The Warriors, thanks to 29 points from Stephen Curry and a strong defense, beat (107-88) the Celtics, comparable to an all-time victory in the 2022 NBA Finals, on Sunday in Chase Center in San Francisco.

Stephen Curry, spicy sweet with 29 points in three quarters, and an intractable defense allowed Golden State to a big win (107-88) against Boston, Sunday in San Francisco, to return to victory in the quarterfinals. end up in the NBA finals against them.

The Warriors wanted to “turn to the side” after the cold rain of Game 1 and this fourth quarter where they jumped terribly with nine three-point shots allowed (40-16), which which washed their guide 15 inches long. to the third.

Losing the success of the board forced them to do so – they had to win at least once in Boston to win these four titles they were coveting for their last six in a row. eight years. They succeeded, by putting in all the necessary elements of strength and determination that were maintained until the end. Because they made a difference this season in the NBA, it was in the 3rd quarter that they made a difference (35-14).

With a 23-point lead at the start of last season, they haven’t opened the scoring yet. Aside from the question of leaving the Celtics, the verve is much lower at the level of the overall score (34%), the possibility of a comeback.

Poole makes a “splash”

Stephen Curry (6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 interceptions), was impressive in the first game (36 pts) before losing the time-money, he was the Warriors ’attacking engine this quarter. Third, by planting 14 numbers with three banderillas. after the arc. And he didn’t have to leave the chair during the last twelve minutes, just like on vacation.

“We have to play with the strength of desperation and that’s what we did. It’s a good idea to get back on track. Now we have to work at home,” he said.

All in all, Curry was narrow -minded. It was clear early in the morning to pull off the results, as the captain was not known, but given the lead an MVP deal he didn’t make it to the NBA finals, despite three rings (2015, 2017, 2018).

His “Splash Brother” Klay Thompson, on the other hand, was very tough on shots (1/8 from distance, 11 pts), unlike Jordan Poole (17 pts), who was released after the first game filled with fake messages for its first sequel. Like Curry, he planted five banderillas in three places, with one with the logo in the center of the field, at the buzzer of the third quarter, which ended the killing of all fears. .

In the meantime and around the world, California’s defense has continued, even more internally (24 points taken by Boston and 40 by Golden State), according to Draymond Green (9 pts, 5 rebounds, 7 assists).

hope Tatum

Hot, on the second side of the offense technique for the first time after a small team with Jaylen Brown, the winger stepped up building a white wall against the C’s, which was well supported by Keyvon Looney, most valuable (12 pts, 7 rbds, 3 steals).

To understand how Golden State is defending, just look at the stats: Boston lost 18 balls and was tied 15 times. Therefore, his motto behind the three dotted line (15/37) is that the tree is hidden in the green forest. His coach was Jayson Tatum (28 pts, 6/9 after the arc, 6 rebounds).

The winger, as he had previously shown in his game, was able to show a different face after his score was missed from the first game. The problem is, he’s the only one who really floats on C’s side.

After a very good start, marked by 13 points in the first quarter, Jaylen Brown (17 pts, 6 rbds) was dead and apart from Derrick White (12 pts), no other player was better. more than six pawns. On a difficult evening, facing the Warriors who welcomed them with the slightest bit of their teeth, the Celtics did not increase their efforts at the end of the second period. Possible save: two games coming up in their TD Garden pitches, N.3 on Wednesday.

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