five balls. Proligue Four: Selestat champion, a language people speak

Outside of this Final Four, Sélestat defended the prophecies.
Outside of this Final Four, Sélestat defended the prophecies. (© La Presse de la Manche)

Far from playing with the wicked, The Cherbourgeois they did not hide theirs hoehaehae after receipt hala ka climb inside starleague at the end of the Last game. Two in the regular seasonka JSC was hit in the post by a team that finished number 5would be. “We don’t understand this tree. Only in five let’s see that, ”said Jean-Marie, an avid follower Mallowsdisappointed that Ivry – who had a ticket for the Starligue – had not actually played the game.Saturday, June 4, 2022by the time semi hope against Selestat. In the global networksthe thoughts of supports The people of Cherbourg knew this too anomalies.

Sélestat returned to Starligue five years after his departure

Asked about this, Lucas Vanegue Do not want to regret. “Selestat deserves his rise, because he is the strongest team in the Last Four “, the central half of Cherbourg agreed.

“After that, we counted the win for Ivry in the semi-finals. We thought the win over Pontault-Combault on our side was enough to get into the Starligue. I’m not saying this kind of surprise has cut it. our feet, but winning two cleaver games in two days is very difficult. ”

Lucas VanegueJS Cherbourg is a player

Christophe Viennetthe coach of the Alsatia did not hide his be happy in recording. His stand under the dog by the end of the week he had won. “We knew we were going to be right up against Ivry, and Cherbourg, two good teams. We had to prove to ourselves that he was a player,” returned a coach who coached a Finnish team playing in the European Cup next year. “I think this weekend, I’m this weekend, we need what we have name. »

of the Proleague he a championship where the team will be available 10 times (over 30 days). chief of France. Sélestat confirmed, Sunday, June 5, 2022. The Alsatian team used the space edit everyone knew how to start and got Starligue, five years after he left.

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