Steph Curry’s prediction before game 2!

The Warriors and Celtics will meet in a few hours to face each other in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, while Golden State is behind. There’s no right place for guilt for Steve Kerr’s men, who responds. Steph Curry was known for this, which is why he failed to lead a prophecy before this new game.

It’s not clear if the Warriors will lose to the lizard, but if they escape this Sunday evening, Steve Kerr’s men will be seen in a very comfortable position against the Celtics. Leading up to 0-1, the Dubs had to respond and compare this team, before leaving Boston to play two more meetings. Landing in Massachusetts with a rear -wheel drive? It’s a situation to avoid.

Steph Curry’s prediction, very reliable!

Steph Curry hope to shine, like Jordan Poole, who went into a big low for a few legs. However, there was another star in trouble, in Game 1: Draymond Green. There was more of a lake in all of the game’s halls, which was enough to worry about for the fans. Not Curry, the mainstay for the game: Green will be back, not least.

That’s what we think from Green. Nothing else is possible. He will land on the floor and bring us to greatness with his strength, his integrity. He would make his finish on the floor, as he always did. He knows when he’s not in a position, he knows the truth and takes responsibility. But I’m sure he’ll be back in this game.

11 rebounds for Green in Game 1, but a 2/12 offense. It’s not an easy game for him, as he can change a lot of things on the floor. This is the case with offense, when he manages to punish three places, but is more defensive. When you look at all the weapons of the Celtics, you think Green is the perfect defense for this type of series. It’s up to him to bring back this Game 2, where there are a lot of critics.

Fortunately, the Dubs had a few days to sort out the situation and make corrections. Curry is confident his team can quickly reverse this situation:

We all go to this kind of time sometimes, all of us. You can’t win games and rings without having a champion DNA. We know how to respond to the crisis, and we need to make sure for Sunday evening, Draymond added.

The Warriors will be ready for Game 2, and we expect the Celtics as well. Both teams will present a presentation, with the hope of this reunion at the Chase Center. However, it’s impossible to know who will take the best: meeting at 2am.

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