Steph Curry on her knees in front of an amazing Celtic!

Better yet in Game 1 against the Celtics, Stephen Curry didn’t lead the Warriors to victory. He struggled at the end of the game, against a very good Boston team. This is the case of a player, who has a problem with the King. The latter did not hesitate to praise him at a conference.

Sunday night, still at the Chase Center, the Warriors will attempt to return to 1-1 this season with the Celtics. Nothing is done, as long as you see the level of play given by Jayson Tatum’s teammates. There’s the potential for improvement among the Dubs, but beware of a bad deal in this game 2. It has to be said that there are a lot of players who can change, like Al Horford, who unprecedented in all history.

Steph Curry hopes for a big change for Game 2

Also, and soon after the game, Curry talked about the skill of his opponents. He can appreciate these benefits, especially coming from Horford, the player who is considered to be the best basketball player of his career. Any players remember? Derrick White, who finished with 21 points off the field. Curry is not hiding from the media: they hope the two men will be happy.

We hope they don’t stay at this level, but we need to be able to prevent them and do something.

However, there was another player who admired Curry most: Robert Williams, key to Celtics racquet:

This is his biggest asset in this league, he can defend the circle. Even if she doesn’t have a bottle, she can forget about it and come out. He really knows how to compete in those shots, I think he banned one of my three pictures. Sometimes we are about to underestimate its size.

That’s the beauty of this series, and I can’t wait to face someone like him again, while making the right adjustments. The concept is very different in these games, it’s not the usual time. But we will be ready for Sunday.

For the Warriors, it will be more on top of all the preparations in the coming days, in preparation for Game 2 and the return of the Celtics. The winner of this game can make a big difference, even if nothing is done at this time of the tournament. One thing is clear: Steph has no right to lose.

Robert Williams admires the Celtics, but he’s definitely not the only one. It’s a real company that shines in Boston, and it’s likely to make the Soldiers happy, it’s in trouble. That’s not the end of this team really, but be careful it doesn’t end 0-2 on Sunday evening.

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