James Harden was physically transformed, the fans were on fire!

The game wasn’t over and James Harden worked hard, and the results were beautiful. The bearded man was spotted in a viral photo, and netizens were quickly incensed. What if he really came back?

In the minds of fans and viewers, James Harden This assassin can put in 40 or 50 per night, as he can easily do it during his time with the Rockets… But it’s clear that the bearded man has changed, he’s the national guard he wanted to the right. go for hard shots.

Worried his teammates had trouble joining him, including Joel Embiid Worse to his partner after the end against the Heat in the playoffs. The Cameroonian pivot was so devastated by Barbu’s lack of anger at the provocative level that it took the kind of dirt to disappear from the hottest weather…

James Harden is back with the essence of his MVP years!

But if I’m Simmons angry and began his great quest to sell after the same words last year, James Harden has clearly heard the criticism, and he is doing everything he can to improve. On social media, a viral image has threatened the Sixers, even though the bearded man is not only seen, but also with someone close to him.

Jax is participating in that first preseason match with James Harden. Can’t wait to see what James can do with an entire season of work! It’s very hot.

At first glance, there is nothing else in this picture, James Harden is back in shape when the Finals are in full swing … But the man behind Bearded Man is not a only man, though Paul J. Fabritz, his. personal trainer from 2017 to 2021, his best years. So unlikely, the Sixers began dreaming of training, where Harden would get the feet of his youth:

@amoila_cesar: Oh, he is coming back… ALIVE

@rickyreyes1705: Harden will be back strong next season!

@kashton.co: I hope he does this summer. No one told the truth that he was always available for his teams and that he always went to great lengths to play. He has not been able to heal and train in recent years.

After a tough summer while managing his hamstring injury, James Harden is able to work his body, blow up and with his defense, he was able to regain the speed with which he had won.

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