“Ivry is very happy to be back at Starligue”

The Frenchman is eight times in the third most winning team behind Montpellier and PSG, with Ivry just one year in Proligue. To the delight of its president François Lequeux was ready to wage war at Starligue.

Ivry is back in Starligue!

Yes. After 21 victories, we could not be returned to the status quo. This has been a good season and we are excited to be back in Division 1.

You did not tremble.

We didn’t expect that, but, as runners, hide long behind Tremblay and, when the time comes, especially in derbies, drive them through the line. We saw ourselves in the lead more than expected.

We had to take this position, which we did. Everything was awakened from time immemorial that led to our downfall. We have to play 11 games with the smallest team over 5 weeks! No other company has made this treatment. It was stuck in our necks.

Are you coming back to Starligue with the intention of playing something different than caring?

We will do everything for. We were strong. We knew we needed to look back at the latter so we took the next step. Cesson presents everyone this season with a team that is no different compared to everyone else, but with good team effort, good play, and good thinking, there is room for everyone.

Compared to Cesson, we have nothing to be ashamed of and we are not far from their staff. So we always have time this season to record and play something different than to save. The Starligue is not immune to earthquakes, the current season is proving it. It densifies. The level goes up. We will try to play a good game, continue to enlighten the young people from the team, cultivate this winning culture that we have this year, without denying ourselves.

16th budget of the Starligue for Ivry

The fund is $ 2.4 million. What is it in Starligue?

We are at 2.7, 2.8. We will have a deposit of 15 or 16. We are on the bridge with a deposit between the two halves. After all, money is not everything. We can discuss with Tremblay who received this year at Proligue a sum of money that was higher than the others (4.1 M €, the Editor’s letter). The mayonnaise needs to be set.

Do you have classes at Ivry on the ground floor?

Delaune is the Olympia of hand wrestling! This is the life story of handball. It cleans the hand circle! We are small, but I would like to go and see a concert in Olympia, close together and share the resources, which is the great value of a handful, rather than the Stade de France where you don’t see and where you buy it.

“We tried to get Luc Abalo back”

Financially, it is much smaller than a room with 1,500 seats.

I read that the Brest football team is building a more crowded stadium with 15,000 seats because the main stadiums are not full. It’s very much against wheat, but it’s more economically viable. By the way, who today will fill the 6,000 seats?

If nothing else is around, yes, but the situation is different in the land of Paris where there is nowhere to build 4,000-seat cinemas. If we go further, how to explain that there is only one post in Ile de France for five business groups and one in Nantes, one in Montpellier, one in Nîmes, etc. The Fed has its responsibility.

The second post should be, one on the North and one on the South. This is a big problem for practice. Dika Mem, Nedim Remili, Elohim Prandi and Luc Abalo were seen on the Ile de France. If we continue, we will lose players who go to basketball or football when we get the knowledge.

Why is Robin Dourte keeping his pockets at Ivry, he could have joined earlier if he hadn’t opted for PSG, which would have allowed him to grow faster than on loan to north and south in Europe? Why would Eymeric Zaeppel, Imanol Carrere be able to go to Nantes or Auguste Longerinas to come and train with us when they come from all over France? The Fed and NHL don’t look at Ile de France and they want Limoges, Aix or Cesson…

Next time Ivry is ready

Can you tell us about your tenants for the next season?

On January 15th, the recording was almost complete with our two backers, an Icelander (Darri Aronsson, Story Editor) and Dane (Jesper Dahl, Editor). For the rest, the entire team will be almost stable until 2024. We are also lucky to have a proper training center. Let’s give Auguste Longerinas (left wing) and Imanol Carrere (pivot) more playing time, among others.

Didn’t you try to bring Luc Abalo back?

We stick to it. In the end, she chose to go to Japan, and there she left. We tried calling him several times for several years. Everyone has their own opinion …

François Lequeux no longer thinks about the title

The last name of the French president, Ivry, was in 2007, but some believe it will be another time. Can’t win anymore now?

It’s even harder to compete against a team like PSG with its resources, which has the potential to raise players in positions and hire some of the best players in the world. Over the course of the competition, PSG seemed unbeatable. Now, in one game, everything is possible and our goal is to return to Europe in the middle. Nothing is forbidden.

What is your relationship with PSG?

They are good. But you can’t compete with any country. PSG is not a team, but Qatar. Another world! But our relationship with PSG is very good. In addition, the PSG judo team trains in Ivry at the training center. One of our local pride is Luc Abalo who has done great things with PSG. Elohim Prandi was coached at Ivry and at PSG. We got along well with PSG, but we’re not part of the same world and we don’t share the same values.

But I’m happy to watch PSG, see these great players grow and if PSG aren’t there to pay them as much as they are paid, they’ll probably go to the club. money elsewhere. I am proud to have locomotives in our competition.

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