Congratulations to Amandine Leynaud and Györ in the Champions League

At 36, Amandine Leynaud spoke well of the world of handball, at least for his playing career, in a silver medal with Györ, who were beaten in the Champions League last by the Norwegians of Kristiansand.

Ten months ago, on retirement from the national team, “Doudou” was in good spirits to finish the Olympic gold, beating Russia in the final, under the independent banner, in Tokyo in mid -August 2021.

He then added more fun to the team in Hungary, in Györ on the banks of the Danube where he has lived since the summer of 2018, but decides that January 2022 will be his last season.

“It’s something, I did it for … I don’t know, maybe for a long time. I’m happy, I’ve lived this full time, it’s fun, living there, it’s there, it’s just fun, playing handball, “I am at peace with this decision” made a few months ago, he said after the event.

For his last handball game with his team -mates from Györ against Kristiansand, the defensive leaders, he couldn’t have dreamed of a better setting than the new Budapest Dome and its 15,400 spectators, a report said. came for a women’s team game. He was a must for the best French goalkeeper and the one who pointed the world at his position.

“It’s a lot, it’s really fun to play in the room like that. It’s beautiful, it’s long, but you can feel the people sticking together. It shows how much progress the team is making. women’s handball, ”said Leynaud, who blew his 36 candles in one month. aku nei.

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The metal of the final medal was not what was expected, the fault of the Norwegian cross guard, Katrine Lunde, could not go to 42 in the critical moments of the final.

In a dream team with two world -class goalkeepers, his teammate Laura Glauser and Norwegian Silje Solberg, coach Ambros Martin gave him the keys to the Hungarian home to start the season. result.

His entry into the final quarter of an hour of play in the semi-final against the Danes of Esbjerg was decisive, and he started his career on the same basis, seven saves in the first period. But it wasn’t enough to get a second place in the Champions League after winning in 2019.

“I’m really sad that we couldn’t play against them in that game, because they were so attached to the ball, they played their game, the game that we saw. I’m proud of that. “The team, we’re really stuck. Sometimes we can let go of the game”, explains Ardèchoise.

After winning everything possible in this sport – Champions League in 2019 at the club, Olympics in 2021, world championships in 2017 and the European Championships, at home, in 2018 – Working Amandine Leynaud was “super well”, after 18. professional seasons when she traveled in Europe, from Metz to Valcea in Romania, via Skopje and Györ.

The native of Aubenas now dedicates himself to imparting his knowledge, as he trains the pastors of Bourg-de-Péage, the company where he started the hand circle at a high level. .

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