Coly and De Nardi, “showcases of the resources of French rugby”, believe the Piqueronies

Alexandre De Nardi was seen from a young age as a young hopeful. However, Léo Coly was not seen by the pros until he was 19 years old. How are they recognized by the Federation?

Of course, they don’t have the same background.

Alexandre De Nardi was seen from a young age as a young hopeful. However, Léo Coly was not seen by the pros until he was 19 years old. How are they recognized by the Federation?

Of course, they are not the same. Seeing Leo was the result of our pursuit of the Federation with the teams. FFR instructors visit various training centers two to three times a year. As with following the path of perceived players, as was the case with De Nardi, ask the teams directly: “Do you have any players that have passed under our radar? This is what Léo, who arrived at the Stade Montois from Biscarrosse, as a resident, found himself in. before joining him in the preparation team for the World Cup.

Before the U20s, you coached the U17s and then the U19s, where De Nardi was always called. So you know how he progressed from a very young age…

Yes and we follow him before that: Alex is in Pôle Espoirs de Bordeaux and he joins the training center Mons. His class was followed, he was arrested. I see a positive and consistent progress. Alex has always bathed in youth options because he is, of course, his constant talent. Each time the level went up, he was there, able to meet new requirements. Even becoming an integral part of a Pro D2 employee. And soon to come to the Top 14…

You both have the U20 World Cup in 2019, which you won. De Nardi has started in two team games (Wales and Argentina), before being seen, unlike Coly who is known to have time during the tournament. What does it remind me of their competition?

They are not in the same position and do not compete in the same way. Alex survived after a shoulder injury and Donovan Taofifenua, Matthis Lebel and Vincent Pinto competed, so he was very tall. In the absence of Baptiste Germain, Léo always had time to cut: we only had two scrums. Of course, they are one of the 28 world leaders. You know like me when you play a world championship with games every five days, you keep the mental powers. At the end of the race, in the semi and final, we introduced players who were considered to be the most recent after a long time.

Do you continue to follow their progress?

Very well known, and I know it is very good! They stayed in their established position, with great confidence from their management and themselves. Here are the features to do. It shows that when we put the boys in a consistent and consistent style, we can achieve their potential and quickly reach them in the Top 14. It shows the resources of our French rugby .

“Coly needs his own technology. He trains before morning, finishes later in the evening.”

What made them improve their game?

Coly has always been competitive with his personal skills. I also appreciated his lack of love at work. He was a boy who dedicated himself to major technology projects, starting early in the morning and finishing later in the evening.… His technology scared him. Today, it is a reliable, standard and good calculator. For me, this is the most important part of proving this season. His life is better than ever, he can give height to the game. De Nardi has always been a controversial talent, in deciding, when… I’ll just say he has managed to maintain his strong form as the stage has grown. Later, he worked hard to protect the people. I find safety, whether in reading games or computer skills. He did very well over the next two years.

How are they alive?

I didn’t have them under my wing for a long time, but Alex was a very simple man, humble, inquisitive, intelligent. Very comfortable with other people. But he had a good job, he was seen by young people, etc. She nurtured the trust in him that she needed to nurture. Leo’s career is even more atypical. It needs different resources, to release… levels these are two different pathways and maturations. But it is good to have different ways. It’s a perfect demonstration of the value of our French rugby. They almost arrive at the same place as the roads are not connected to each other.

Léo Coly entered the Top 14 with Montpellier. Alex De Nardi will continue the tour with Stade Montois. What do you mean ?

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