Chamalières: six official departures with those of Rivera, Adiana and Victoria

Half past one. Twelve of the VBC Chamalières team’s current players are 2021-2022, six are leaving the team … and so six will continue to play in Auvergne next year.

Three resignations involve director Wilmarie Rivera, libero Alex Merle and claimant Estelle Adiana. Hosts Pilar Victoria and Claudia Hernandez, and midfielder Paola Rojas are no shadow of a doubt.

Leaving Chamalières

Estelle Adiana (required), Claudia Hernandez (striker), Alex Merle (libero), Wilmarie Rivera (setter), Paola Rojas (center), Pilar Victoria (striker).

Wilmarie Rivera (PhotoRichard Brunel) will therefore enter Germany with Rote Raben Vilsbiburg, eighth in the Bundesliga. The Puerto Rican setter, one of the best in Women’s A team, had a good season in scoring (80 points, 21 aces, 58% attacking accuracy, 11 blocks) and above all everyone in the game appreciates the quality of the service and his. speed. His departure was in response to his desire to take on another challenge.

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Adiana looking for time to play

Estelle Adiana, the Cameroonian team has competed in the Women’s A League and Elite. He needs to set up a program with more playing time and more responsibilities. First, he can give a hand to the reception, he has 130 points with 14 aces and 7 blocks with a bad chance of 33%.

uku uku Women’s A League: VBC Chamalières season in numbers

In Chamalières from the 2019-2020 season, Alex Merle will not continue the journey of indoor volleyball. The winner on the French beach under the age of 18 is reunited with his first love. Next season, he will wear the colors of the Montpellier Beach Volley club.

So there are six leave and six players to stay. Jessica Aguilera (center), Yolande Amana-Guigolo (passer), Manon Bernard (libero), Eva Elouga (center), Greisy Finé (pointy) and Diaris Perez (striker) should form the basis of the future tool.

Jean-Francois Nunez


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