All-Star money: “The main difference between LeBron and Durant is that”

LeBron James and Kevin Durant fought for the title in these Finals, but neither of them was able to elevate their team to this level of competition. They were admired by their colleagues, an acknowledgment and confession of a former teammate of the two stories.

LeBron James a Kevin Durant They may be the two best football players in the world, but they both have similar seasons. Now that they have missed a few games due to various injuries, they are more worried about the future… As they grow older, they start to lose more often, and worse.

But not only that, because they also saw team results under the same expectations as their team. The Nets and Lakers were scheduled to meet in the Finals, but the Purple and Gold did not qualify for the playoffs when Brooklyn won 4-0 over Boston. Before fighting for the ring, the two captains of the final All-Star Game need to think about the future and solutions that won’t make up for those shortcomings.

Andre Drummond reflects on his experience with LeBron and KD

While this year has been humiliating in many ways, the two players are the most admired by the Lions, the confirmation and re -introduction of Andre Drummond. After receiving falls on Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons, after the release of Joel Embiid, found in some interesting comments for his teammates. Like many others, he admires these legends, even though he knows how different they are.

Do two amazing things on the court… LeBron is better on the cerebral side. He knows the game, he knows it. He knows exactly where his teammates need to be during a project. In defense, he used his knowledge to position himself on certain walking lines and anticipate the movements of his opponents. Kevin Durant is the best athlete I have ever seen in my life.

With both, everything is simple. Not just when they count, but when they move. Sometimes I get the feeling of seeing them in full training. They quietly choose where they want to attack and make their move. I loved playing with them, I was able to learn a lot by watching them. They are very impressive.

According to Andre Drummond, LeBron James will be honored above all for his playing skills, while Kevin Durant will impress with his amazing style. It is true that they walk on the floor very differently, but their reigns are full during the big night. Hopefully they can show a long way to play in the games next season.

Traditionally, Andre Drummond has managed to play with some of the biggest names, such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis or Joel Embiid, so he is well -positioned to match strong records.

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