L’Oréal wants Mugler and Azzaro to boost its fragrance business

Two brands will boost the growth of its fragrance business: L’Oréal announced on Tuesday that it has entered into exclusive negotiations with Clarins to buy the Mugler and Azzaro brands from it. “The fragrance sector is at the heart of L’Oréal’s global growth strategy”, explained the CEO of L’Oréal Luxe Cyril Chapuy, said in a … Read more

Who gives for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day 2022: what perfume to give your dad? Yes, it smells good gift idea… If it is well chosen. As a personal decorator, we ask ourselves to think about the style of our beloved father in order to choose the right choice of his new fragrance. Is she a warm character for you, full … Read more

Vanilla, a sweet and seductive scent

An orchid native to Mexico, vanilla is grown around the world. As the world’s leading exporter, Madagascar has a wide range of uses for spices: vanilla planifolia. “Another type of vanilla, less used, is Tahiti with strong aniseed notes,” says Bertrand Duchaufour, nose of Les Bains Guerbois perfumery. Vanilla, the aroma comes from the flower … Read more

Chanel: a Chanel pop-up store has been established in Paris to showcase the collection’s products

Done We all know the smell of N°5 de Chanel : a mix of enveloping rose, opulent jasmine, surrounded by vanilla and above all, an emphasis on aldehydes, which started, in 1921, the era of the new perfume. At that time, “women’s perfume with women’s perfume” was ordered Ernest Beaux na Gabrielle Chanel 80 items, … Read more

The life and work of Osvaldo Pugliese: High ideals don’t have to win, they have to give.

A famous story, which has become very popular in the world of musicians, says that when a problem arises you must say “Pugliese” three times, referring to Don Osvaldo Pugliese. Once this is done, luck will come and difficult situations will be resolved.. Among the figures of our popular music, there are men of the … Read more