Blu Atlas Atlantis to Dior Sauvage

Blu Atlas Atlantis to Dior Sauvage

The main purpose of cologne is not to attract women; it’s a happy ending to kissing. Scent has been well-studied for its role in sexual attraction (thanks in part to chemicals called pheromones), and some perfumes and fragrances have been put on top of the list. From sweet vanillas to manly musks, some perfumes leave … Read more

Hello Scandinavian Girls Love

Scandinavia is known all over the world for many things: beautiful landscapes, an amazing cuisine, and amazing manes. Is it something in that glacier-infused water of theirs? Or, a curated selection of high-end Scandinavian hair products? Either way, we love the secret to those beautiful, beautiful locks. And while it may not be possible to … Read more

Famous Perfumes That Are Really Worn (But Not Paid For)

Photographic images The perfume a person chooses to wear has a lot to do with them, so it’s no surprise that the rich and famous are attracted to perfumes. Although the industry is not short of some perfumes endorsed by celebrities, with a world of olfactory choosing their preferences, seeing the perfumes they personally choose … Read more

Glossier has 20% off everything including skincare, makeup and fragrance for a limited time

Balm Dotcom’s best-selling Balm Dotcom ultra-nourishing skin and lip salve is reduced to under $10 – and you can now save 20% on ALL Glossier makeup and care skin By Zoe Griffin For Published: 09:39 EDT, 2 June 2022 | Updated: 09:39 EDT, 2 June 2022 The products featured in this article have been … Read more