Masculine beauty: good smell without pollution

To see the ecological arguments that have been issued for each new product released in recent months, we say to ourselves that it is not so difficult, in the end, to reduce food pollution cosmetics. Solvent-free tanning, refillable bottles, reusable or recycled materials, traceability, fair trade, limited use of plastic, Finally investing in rejuvenating programs, … Read more

Orange – Icons of the last century

Reserved for subscribers Wild Water (Dior), Angel (Thierry Mugler), For Man (Caron), Le Male (Jean Paul Gaultier), Shalimar (Guerlain): an eternal power of deception. It was created by designer René Gruau – friend and favorite photographer of Christian Dior – for Eau Sauvage (1978). By Yohan Cervi Published on 02/14/2021 at 09:05 The link has … Read more

The benefits of caraway essential oil

A wild aromatic plant from the Apiaceae family found in North Africa, Iraq, China and in Europe, caraway is widely used in cooking as a spice. Also called anise des Vosges, this plant has its origins in Arabic karawiya it means “sugar source”. Widely used for its flavoring properties for thousands of years, caraway also … Read more

Swimming pool or swimming pool: the main beauty trends for 2022

In 2022, beauty products will focus on usability and sustainability. ” The key beauty trends for 2022 reflect a changing demographic, with consumers increasingly looking for sustainable practices and products, including waterproof products with long shelf lives. “, explains Clare Varga, WGSN’s beauty director. According to the group of international experts of WGSN, 2022 beauty … Read more